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mechanical manticore stage 4 by pittstop mechanical manticore stage 4 by pittstop
fourth stage (colouring)

i've taken the image back a stage to colour it and then overlayed the shading on top. the results are fine but it needs a background, will look into that later

previous stage [link]

note according to wikipedia a manticore is part human (normally the head) i've taken artistic lisence with that and given it a straight cat head; part red lion (normally the body) the large "spine" section is intended to represent a mane and obviously i've gone for a predominantly red paint job; tail of a scorpion or dragon usually with spines or a stinger, I thought the mace head reprented a spiney stinger pretty well.

it should by rights have 3 rows of teeth and breath fire, but I overlooked that

may return to this design and add a taser like stinger see how that looks and a more humanoid face.

The film "manticore" also gives the creature dragon like wings (as do some roleplay game versions), may add some jets or gliding wings to the next version to see how that looks.

next new design is most likely going to be either a dragon or a "pegasus" but it depends how the mood takes me, I want to try a more humanoid figure as well so angel, fairy, mermaid or cyclops perhaps...
AngelicAdonis Featured By Owner Apr 11, 2011  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Pretty sweet! :D
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